We – dancer, choreographer and dramaturg Doke Pauwels (1993) and dramaturg Koen Bartijn (1992) studied together in Amsterdam. We became friends, and were both in Berlin in the summer of 2018. There, in Neukölln, where we could experience a real sense of ‘community’ between artists and locals, between artists and other artists, and between the locals themselves, the idea for The Antidote Movement originated. The past months we have mobilized enough talent and brainpower to put our ideas into concrete action. Herman van Veen and Edith Leerkes have become partners in organising Antidote Festival with their Stichting Herman van Veen Arts Center Fonds. They support and facilitate The Antidote Movement in realizing its first festival.

We are incredibly happy to be collaborating with all of the fantastic makers and dancers that are part of this collective, and to introduce The Antidote Movement to the performing arts world.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for question, ideas or contributions.

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